People buy based on an Emotional Connection. Are you Contagious?

People buy based on an emotional connection or that Eureka Moment.

The words of David Rich, a motivational speaker and educator I had the honor of hearing yesterday during a business seminar. Just one bit of wisdom he imparted on the group of business people attending the event through our local Chamber of Commerce.

David is a wealth of information and I encourage everyone to read and put to use some of his ideas.

1. Eyes…your Greatest selling tool.

2. Tone of voice

3. Heart, you have to care and LOVE what you do. Being paid should just e a benefit. You heard me, I mean David write.

Did you know 98% of people would quit their job if they won the lottery?? Not surprised? Me either. Unfortunately I have been in one of these jobs, it, not the boss, was a nightmare. Now, I have the best job in the world, working for my son’s future, sharing his/our story about Good Boy Roy and it was created. Guess what … I DON’T get paid. It is a love, passion and joy that I simply can not get enough of, to know I am working for something that may help his life to be better and help others. You have to have heart, be passionate and believe in what you are doing to be successful. To build a following, loyal and devoted customers/clients.

Following is a post, by David Rich, to share with you more of his beliefs and words of wisdom. Enjoy, learn, Go,Do, Repeat.

“Conventional wisdom is that rapport is a passive, less than intentional occurrence. Some people you connect with, others you don’t. While I do admit, many times it is purely accidental; if you sell for a living rapport should not be reserved solely for those instances of fate. Rapport can (and should) be intentional. I believe there are certain things you can do to help create rapport,but it needs to be natural, not faked.I call this natural kind of rapport “contagiousness”. So with that in mind, let’s explore 5 elements to creating personal, on-purpose contagiousness.   

AUTHENTICITY. Simply put, contagiousness is NOT something you do; it’s something you are. Fake, insincere gestures done solely for the sake of trying to build rapport is manipulative and will be seen for what it is. Being yourself and being comfortable is highly persuasive. The world has gotten too vanilla and too politically correct. We try so hard not to offend, that we lose our identity in the process. You are unique. It’s your uniqueness that is your greatest advantage,both in business and everyday life. People may not always agree with you, but they’ll always respect you.
OPTIMISM The world loves an optimist. I love going into my local post office. The workers know me by name. But the real reason I like going is the smile that is almost always on their faces. The sun is shining and the glass is always half full there. But for every one establishment with visible displays of optimism, there are at least 100 without it. How do you display your optimism? Remember: Happiness is NOT doing what you like; it’s liking what you do. There is a big difference.
Intrigue: Customers feel compelled to buy from people and companies who are intriguing and people are drawn to those that intrigue them. You can create intrigue by asking questions and zeroing in on the answers. When was the last time you sincerely engaged someone for no reason other than just getting to know them? Ask questions about their goals and about how they got started in their line of work. Everyone likes that question. Then zero in with your eyes. Let them know you asked because you wanted the answer, not because you were employing a rapport building technique.Your eyes show tinkle with child like curiosity. Without a doubt, your eyes are your greatest selling tools.
PASSION  You display your passion outwardly by your optimism and by the twinkle in your eye. Inward passion is displayed by your integrity and service to others. The most important question you can answer is this: Do you have a passion to serve? Every business serves, but the ones that love serving are the ones that succeed. Sales people should be the world’s shining example of passion and enthusiasm, but too many just go through the motions insincerely.
COMMITMENT  Your commitment to self-improvement should be evident every day. If it is, nothing is more contagious. There are plenty of sales people, but a truly committed sales person is a rare animal. Know who you are and where you’re going and people will follow. Being contagious is the intangible quality that separates the average from the great. When you’re genuinely contagious you will connect with others by choice, rather than merely chance. You will draw people to you naturally.The bottom line in business may often be about winning and losing, but with relationships, it’s about how you play the game! “
by David Rich
David has a new book out with all of this great wisdom and more called Contagious Selling, it may help you be Contagious too !! 🙂

***I was not paid nor asked to write this post by David Rich

by David Rich

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