Everything in Life is a Negotiation

Interesting statement. But true.

Everything in life is a Negotiation. At least that’s what Professional Speaker and Best selling author, David Rich believes. Best known for his Contagious series, Contagious Selling, Contagious Leadership and Contagious Service, he is an energetic body of tips, ideas and knowledge.

Negotiation and Persuasion go hand in hand. Like Peas and carrots 🙂 According to David our #1 persuasion attribute is….a SMILE. Easy enough. But many of us don’t do it when interacting with potential or seasoned clients or customers. It makes a HUGE difference in how they perceive US, you, me as a business person offering them a service. A smile, or lack of one, speaks volumes about how we “feel” about our job, or what we are trying to convey to the customer. As I watched David speak to our group, (the second time for me) he smiles, Always. You an tell he is having fun. You can tell he enjoys sharing his stories and information. He is fun.

In his best-selling book, “How to click with Everyone Every Time” he outlines the 10 Principal’s of be “Contagious” Selling, which I will begin to review here, excerpts taken from pages of the book:

Contagious Principal #1: Confidence

Confidence shines through your every movement. It comes through the eyes, heard in the voice, seen in the bounce in your step, how you walk, your handshake and even how you sit. Add it all up and you have Presence.

Confidence is a magnetic quality that draws people and circumstances to you like a magnet. The inward journey of developing true confidence starts with taking inventory of your talents, skills and abilities. Finding true confidence begins with recognizing your talent.So, take inventory of your gifts. Recognize them by your passions and interests.

This is but a speck of the great information I gathered from David and his book (mentioned above). I will go over each of the 10 Principals he outlines in upcoming posts. But this book is a great reference, mine is highlighted with passages and useful information for anyone trying to be better, trying to build a business, wanting to be


Disclaimer: I was not aksed to write this post or compensated in any way.

If you are interested in having David come speak to you as a group, a convention or event you can contact him via his website www.contagioustalk.com


3 thoughts on “Everything in Life is a Negotiation

  1. I agree with Michelle about confidence. Someone without this simply fades away into a corner, while a person (even if they are not a strong leader) with confidence will be able to lead others in either a positive or negative direction!

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