Welcome to Good Boy Roy…a place where we will vent, chat, cry, and complain, give praise and thanks about life and the daily tasks of trying to get a  new business up and off the ground and to become the NEXT BIG THING. Good Boy Roy is a new line of fun character t-shirts all created and designed by my son, 15 y.o. Zack.

Zack has always loved to draw, but it is special to him as he is a special kid who has struggled with life long neuropsychiatric illnesses. We as a family have suffered along with him, our hearts breaking and our lives in chaos. This t-shirt business came out of the blue, a whim and it has given Zack a wealth of self esteem he has never known. Through all his difficult times, his most unstable, he always took solace in creating his characters. His dream is for Good Boy Roy to be a household name, which means it is MY dream too.

Joining us in the never ending supply of  family life is Kelsie my 12 year old DIVA daughter and funny, forever supportive husband of 18 years and 4 dogs. We call it the Hix House of Horrors !! Join us on the journey.


I also wrote a children’s book about Zack, for Zack and other kids like him who have suffered, felt different, like outcasts and like they don’t belong. It is titled No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid, (Amazon), read more about our family and the book here: http://www.youareagreatkid.com

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