Lucki Gurlz Rockin their Good Boy Roy shirts

Just posting a quick shout out and thank you to the amazing Lucki Gurlz.

The Lucki Gurlz are a high energy all girl performing group (obviously)

They sent us this fun picture of them all in their new Good Boy Roy t-shirts that they will be wearing while performing in May at the NY Presbyterian Children’s Hospital next month. It’s going to be in their Winter Gardens, and simulcast throughout the entire children’s ward.

Lucki Gurl


We know they will put smiles on all the kids faces !

Rock on girls

Rock on

Check out @Lucki_Bree @Lucki_Kay @Lucki_Sam @Lucki_Starr @Lucki_Zan and follow them on Twitter too.


Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

I did.

I just didn’t know it.


We kind of fell into it.

If you do, then you need to keep up with Sarah Cook and Raising CEO Kids. She is full of good tips, information and ideas.ceokids

The following interview of my Zack, creator of Good Boy Roy,was posted on her site and we are sharing it again for our new followers.

Spotlight on CEO Kid: Zack Hix of Good Boy Roy

By on January 13, 2011in CEO Kids in Spotlight, The Feature
Sarah:  Please tell me how you got started (your STORY) and where CEO Kids  and parents can find out more info about you.
Zack: I have always loved to draw and make  characters. Mom decided to surpirse me and had one of my characters put  on a shirt for me, I wore it and people liked it and wanted to know  where I got my shirt. When I told them it was my design they thought it  was cool. So we started talking, had the idea to put more of my  characters on shirts and see what happened, so there is a whole gang on  the shirts now.
People can find me on u can find me on Facebook, Twitter and our website:
Sarah:  When did you start thinking about starting your own  business and becoming an entrepreneur and why did you want to start?
Zack: I really did not think about  starting a business, it just kind of happened. I wanted to do this to  see if it went anywhere, to see what what we could make of Good Boy Roy.  My goal is for Good Boy Roy is to become a tv series one day.
Sarah:  Where did you  come up with your idea and what investigation did you do to help you  know that this would be a great business?
Zack: I just think of all the characters in my head, I always make new  characters and draw them. It’s something I have always done.
Sarah:  What do  you think are the most important skills you have that help you in  business?
Zack: You definitely need creativity and a good imagination.
Sarah:  What were  the biggest obstacles, problems you had in getting started in business?
Zach: Getting people to know who Good Boy Roy is and having them believe that I actually draw and  create all the characters.

Sarah:  How old were you when you started  and how old are you now?  How does your age affect your business  success?

Zack: I was 14, we started in January of 2010, I am now 15.

Sarah:  What about  college?  Are you planning on going?

Zack: I want to pursue a career in  cartooning, to help me in the business. I would like to go to a college  to help me learn more about drawing and cartooning. I hope Good Boy Roy  will be my business and be a huge success, but if for some reason it is not I  would like to get a job with Cartoon Network on Nickelodeon.
Sarah:  What kind of  expenses or start-up costs did you have when you started your business  and where did you find the money or capital to start? 
Zack: Most of the  expeses are to have the shirts printed, my parents are the bank and fund  the business since I am a minor.


Sarah:  What have been the best surprises that you  found in starting your business?


Zack: I love that people love my designs, they think  they are cool and neat that a kid draws them.  I love seeing my  characters in color on t-shirts and people wearing them, they come to  life from the paper to the shirt andits cool.


Sarah:  What ideas  and approaches do you use to market your business and what do you find  works best for you in getting the word out about who you are and what  you are doing?


Zack: Our website (launching new one in Dec 20112) My mom does a lot on Twitter and  some on Facebook.  We do some festivals and craft Bazaars, and I wear my  shirts to school. People see them and ask to buy them that way too.


Sarah:  How do you balance it all?  Do you find that you still have time to be  a kid?


Zack: Yes, its easy for me. The drawing is not work, but can be  frustrating for me sometimes, espeically when I cant get a picture the  way I want it. I have plenty of time to hang out with my friends and do  stuff with my Church like I enjoy doing.


Sarah:  What is the  best advice or tips you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?


Zack: If  you work hard enough then your dreams can come true. Keep faith, hope  and believe in yourself.
PS. Zack just completed illustrations for his first Children’s book, being published by L’Edge Publishing, titled A World Without Circles, out in December 2012.


Marvelous Manic Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday.

I woke up and thought we would do a Giveaway today.

So, this one is pretty easy. This week we will giveaway one of the original, now retired, Good Boy Roy Designs. Starting today and ending Friday September 28th. Don’t fret,because if you don’t win, you can buy one of your own for only $10 from the Sales page of the Good Boy Roy website.


  1. Go to the T-shirt page come back and tell us which design is your favorite and why.
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Extra points:

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Good Luck !!!

Never Give Up

Call to Action…post from Zman

Hello everyone. It’s hard to believe school is 9 weeks in already. Thankfully this year has gotten off to a good start !! I have decided to try out for the high school baseball team so I have started private lessons once a week to work on my skills and conditioning at school 4 days a week. It has been tough, a lot of exercise I am not used to, but I hope it will help me to be better on the field.  Algebra is tough, math is definitely NOT my thing, guess I got that from mom 😦

Some exciting things going on with Good Boy Roy which we hope will lead to more exciting things. Yesterday we had a “commercial” shoot of sorts, it will be on Cable Channel 40 here and in Georgia and another show called Carolina Bandstand. We were invited by someone we met at a Chamber meet and greet, who was kind enough to invite us out to share his TV crew. I dont do very good talking or getting my thoughts out, it was hard, but we will see how it comes out.

(My latest design, Multi-Talented girl..hope you like)

Two magazines are coming out that did a write-up on me and Good Boy Roy, Town Magazine, here in Greenville and SC Living Magazine which is all over SC. We are excited about those coming out and sharing my story even more. Even with some great features, publicity and awesome people supporting Good Boy Roy sales are very slim. I am afraid dad “the bank” is going to cut us off and close me down. There are two Holiday Festivals coming up that we hope will be good for us, one in October and one in December, but that is a while away.


(here is a new custom design for Salon Beverly, moms favorite)


You can see all my custom designs from the website too…

     I would  just like to ask everyone to help me, share my site, follow me on Twitter, and Facebook, share my FB page with your friends and sign up for the newsletter, you can do that from the home page of the website. Word of mouth is a great thing. 🙂 Mom always has a coupon code to use for discounts when buying products so take advantage of that too. We have to keep this thing going, it’s what I love to do, draw and create characters.  Thank you for any way you can help share the Good Boy Roy message and my designs.


My days as CEO of Good Boy Roy

B93.7 logo

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    I thought it would be fun to post a day in my life as CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Good Boy Roy, the glitz, glam and excitement.

Are you ready?

Hold on, not sure if many people can handle this much fun. 🙂

       The alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. blaring my fav radio station B93.7, The Hawk and Tom Show. If I slept well 🙂 then I will start my day off  “dancing” in bed, if not, 😦 then I lie there, as long as possible until I have to drag myself up and out. Stop one; bathroom, scale, thyroid medicine, then shuffle downstairs to find some coffee. If I am lucky I remembered to fix it the night before so it is already made. My dear husband always does this, (he is so organized). He even puts out his mug, one pack of sweetner, and spoon the night before, along with his plate, knife, skillet and spatula for his 6 egg whites he eats every morning. And of course the eggs have already been seperated the night before and ready to put into the skillet as well. Anyone want to guess what his profession is?? If you guessed engineer, you would be correct. However, since he is out of town on business, AGAIN…and I am not as efficient as he is, chances are coffee has to be made when I wake up. Then onto my breakfast, a protein smoothie with Almond or coconut milk in my new, awesome VitaMix blender. Proceed to getting the news on and computer on to check e-mails.

       Then the most important thing, Zack’s medicine for the morning, and my many supplements for this thing they call “Getting old” and body falling apart illness I have contracted. 😦 I take about 20 different herbal supplements for this and that, multi vitamin, Omega3, and more. OMG it’s exhausting. The princess, Kelsie, who is 12 gets woken at 6:15 precisely, if not, oooooohhhh, not good. Good Boy Roy, I mean Zack, you know, creator of those fun t-shirts for kids,  snoozes until 7pm.


      What is that I hear? Some major drama from upstairs, the Princess can’t get her hair just perfect and it is sticking up, not to her liking. A certain catastrophe. A morning here in the Hix House of Horrors as we affectionately call it, (my husband jokes that Freddy Kruggar would even be afraid to come here, LOL) would not be complete if the Cocker Spaniel, Cruz, did not throw up on the floor, so I get to clean that up. Lovely. Yep, this big time, CEO, cleans up dog puke, and much more. Glamorous.

Who’s jealous?

         The excitement subsides, thankfully. Kelsie gets off to the bus stop, on time. Zack and I crawl into the car to get him to school, Hillcrest High School, 10th grade. Then I get to have some me time, either the gym or Crossfit, alternating days. Yes, I am quite the fitness junkie, and part-time personal trainer as well. All the while looking at that little light on my new Smart phone, which is smarter than I am, hoping by some miracle and stroke of luck,someone will have sent an e-mail interested in carrying the Good Boy Roy line of cool t-shirts, which has not happened, yet…YET…but it will. After my workout, looking like the all important CEO that I am, in ball cap and workout clothes, head onto complete errands, still waiting for THAT call or e-mail so that I can give Zack some good news. Back home, jump on Twitter for a while, hoping the more  people who see the name of Good Boy Roy some interest will lead them to his site, and again hope THE person will stumble upon his creations and characters. Yes. I am a huge optimist, dream big, why not. If I am lucky there will be no calls from school, which is quite common for Zman as he gets so upset and anxious at times. Making some calls to my various Guardian Ad Litem families (I volunteer as a Guardian), glad to hear all is good. Update inventory for the web site, which is easy since there have been no sales lately. Call to web site developer to give him so instructions on things I want done to the site. Cleaning of the house, laundry, dusting, you know, boring stuff. Back to computer to check Facebook, send out a post or two for Good Boy Roy happenings. Twitter again. Pick up Zman from school, good day, thankfully. Prepare something for the kiddos to eat, then off to basketball game, Zack plays on the Church team. Back home, wine, ahhh yes, tv, bed. Wake up and do it all over again. No exciting calls today, but there is always tomorrow.

    Side note, thanks to my sweet friend, Katie Campbell, A Shoppers Quest, for holding my hand and helping learn this WordPress world,and being such a caring, wonderful person in her affection for Zack and his dreams. One of the best things I have gained from this experience in the past year as CEO of Good Boy Roy is the wonderful, kind, sincere people I have come in contact with along this journey.

Image representing IndieGoGo as depicted in Cr...

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As I was watching ABC News yesterday morning while getting my run in at the gym…an informative report just happened to come on about small business, promoting, marketing, funding etc….What luck. So, in this report they discussed a web site called which people, anyone, can go to and make a “Campaign” for their business, organization, fundraiser, Charity, all free. The money you raise is not a loan, or investment on the part of the people contributing, but a donation towards helping you reach your campaign goal, whatever that would be. They call it Crowd Funding“, really cool concept. There is a small percentage that IndieGoGo keeps when you real your goal, but no out-of-pocket up front fees. So, I, the CEO of Good Boy Roy 🙂 do not dare let this information and opportunity go to waste. I immediately came home, jumped on my ever so slow laptop and go right down to business creating a campaign for Good Boy Roy. This, of course, in hopes some people would find this business, Zack’s dreams and story, and designs all just good enough to donate, even $5. But what’s even better, is that I can send this campaign out over Twitter, Facebook, email etc…. and it will help at least get that name out there. The more people who know, and share it, then the domino effect may be enough to bring some recognition to our small little business, and perhaps just THE PERSON, that one person who may see this and the possibility of his dream. All it takes is ONE. LUCK, and I am a huge believer in luck. So, if anyone else has a need for this really cool way of spreading the word for your passion check into, it may be just what you need. Our Campaing is here: