Happy Haunting

 Happy Haunting  

Get yours now. We will print a one time run of these fun Halloween designs using special Glow ink from AllureGlow.

Pre-order your Good Boy Roy Special Halloween shirts now. One time printing, with special Glow in the Dark ink for the Orange, Black (glows green) and Grey (glows Aqua) they are soooo cool !!! The back is in Glow ink as well. $18.99. Send in your color and size request.

Happy Haunting.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my few and faithful followers. As the New Year approaches, very soon 🙂 I have to give thanks to so many for so much. I discovered Twitter this year in my quest to help promote Good Boy Roy (www.goodboyroy.com). And in discovering Twitter I have been introduced to so many kind, helpful, thoughtful and truly caring “friends”. Just to mention a few here; Mr. George Ford of www.addanaccity.com; Mr. BoLumpkin (www.gatorhead.wordpress.com); Jess of BorkedPlanet fame (www.borkedplanet.com) ; J.Hayes of My Ignition, (www.my-ignition.com) and Katie Campbell of A Shopper’s Quest (www.ashoppersquest.com); Mark and Brandon of Friends Like Us, a great site to help support kids with Cancer, you see Brandon is a fighter, he is 10 and a Cancer Survivor, check them out at (www.friendslikeus.org). So to all of you, and so many more, may this New Year be blessed, peaceful, full of love and happiness. Thanks for you support, kindness and being such strong supporters of Zack and Good Boy Roy.

On the business front: As we face this coming year, I reflect upon the many bad business decisions I have made for Good Boy Roy this year, yet each was a huge learning experience for us. I have made some monetary blunders, some bad promo decisions and some over zealous predictions of the popularity of the brand and designs. But, all is good, some lessons that needed to be learned, mistakes that needed to be made and new hopes for a new year. I really anticipated a slew of calls resulting from the recent write-up on Zack in our local Greenville Journal, but not even one 😦 Next, we are waiting for the tv interview on Fox News to air, and again, since I am the forever optimist, anticipate some calls in response to that story. This year will focus on trying to make contacts with retailers to hopefully get his shirts into some stores. One day at a time. As long as Zack is stable and having fun with this and he continues to grow and find confidence in himself and his abilities, well, that’s all we can ask for.

On a fun note, we did get to spend 2 days at our family mountain house with my brother, Henry (the real Handsome Hen) who Zack thinks hung the moon. My brother is just one big, grown up kid. Unfortunately, I only get to see him about twice a year, and the kids see their uncle less than that. I really hate that my kids do not have cousins to enjoy and grow up with as I did, you see neither my brother nor my husbands siblings have any kids. Unlike my childhood, I had the pleasure of growing up with and spending holidays and summers with my cousins, they were great times !!! My kids are missing so much. So Zack and my daughter got to hang on, hang out with, laugh with and chill with goofy Uncle Hen for 48 hours, it was great. Including a picture of Zman and Hen…and ironically I think Zack looks like my brother, they certainly have the exact same curly hair. Family is such a HUGE part of what shapes us as people, our character, personality, faith, dreams….hug your close family members tonight. Happy New Year.