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We are excited that a reporter from CNN has picked up on this #ireport and is writing a feature on Good Boy Roy. Hopefully this will open more doors and help to get our story out to more people.

Here is part of that iReport. To see the full post CNN ireport

Good Boy Roy is a business simply of Hope. Hope for the future, for better things, and to make a difference somehow in the lives of others.

Good Boy Roy began with the hope to share fun and whimsical characters created and drawn by now 17 year old Zack Hix. The hope that this may be a means of someday allowing him to become self supporting while doing something that brings him joy, rather than becoming another statistic of an unemployable person with mental illness.



Lucki Gurlz and Bomb Digz Shout out for Good Boy Roy

We have been so blessed by some amazing support from all over. The latest comes in the form of this up and coming Performing Group, The Lucki Gurlz !!! along with the Bomb Digz. Thanks for sending this great Shout out and support for Good Boy Roy brand and helping to follow a dream.

Check it out here >>>>   Lucki Gurlz and Bomb Digz

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Good Boy Roy’s Portfolio is growing !!

Add illustrator to Zack’s resume !!

In December the children’s book, A World without Circles, was published, illustrated by Good Boy Roy creator, Zack Hix, now 17.

A World Without Circles

(this is Zack signing the contract with the publisher of L’Edge Press)zackandjeffsigningcontract

What a fun project it was for him. He was simply given the story line, and told to draw pictures, whatever he wanted to do. This was great to challenge his creativity along his usual characters.

The Portfolio is expanding for my little guy, well, not so little, he’s 17.kimzack

Watch out 2013…#TeamGoodBoyRoy is on a mission

Laughing Lizzie, Rocker Rick and Happy Harry..hello

Moving on with our introductions of the Good Boy Roy gang members, today you will  meet:

Laughing Lizzie: Laughing Lizzie…she’s the outgoing, silly girl in the group. She cuts up, tells jokes and makes people laugh, she is always laughing at things and herself. A giggle box.

Again, these character descriptions are in Zack’s words.

Rocker Rick…

he is the musician and rocker, plays drums (like me, Zack), he listens to music all the time, his favorite music is hard rock and metal. He rocks out all day long.

Next, meet Rocker Rick, who was created when Zack was taking drum lessons:

                                Finally today is the new guy on the block, Happy Harry, and as his name implies, he is one happy dude.

Hoping your day is a good one, a quick shout out from Zack aka Good Boy Roy

YouTube shout

What is Good Boy Roy? A story of Hope, Faith, Determination and overcoming

People ask, so I am telling, what is Good Boy Roy?

A new Dog food??? No

A dog training program?? No

Millions of families and children live as we do…in a life and home ruled by mental illness. We know the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and searching for answers. For us, that is our son, Zack, now 17. Zack IS Good Boy Roy, the business and the brand. We are sharing our story through the designs and characters of the Good Boy Roy line. It is more than fun t-shirts, it is more than cute characters.

It is about hope, faith, love, determination and overcoming.

Find your gift, follow your dream. Never loose Hope



Meet Zman

To continue the introductions of the Good Boy Roy gang, please meet


Again, in Zacks words:


he is the other stud, the sports dude, the sports fanatic and also gets the girls. Zman is Good Boy Roy’s BEST friend. Zman is funny, smooth talker, and all around good guy. His specialty sport is baseball, he is a baseball STAR.

Zman is a nickname we began calling Zack when he was just a baby, and it stuck. So, it is appropriate he create a character for, who else, HIM 🙂

Zman is Zman, here modeling in his ever so unique style.

After creating the original Zman character, he went on to create the Sports version, we call “Decisions, Decisions“, for obvious reasons.

Since it’s Friday, and we all need a laugh, enjoy Zman, my boy, Gettin his Groove on:

Watch “Hi from Good Boy Roy” on YouTube