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We are excited that a reporter from CNN has picked up on this #ireport and is writing a feature on Good Boy Roy. Hopefully this will open more doors and help to get our story out to more people.

Here is part of that iReport. To see the full post CNN ireport

Good Boy Roy is a business simply of Hope. Hope for the future, for better things, and to make a difference somehow in the lives of others.

Good Boy Roy began with the hope to share fun and whimsical characters created and drawn by now 17 year old Zack Hix. The hope that this may be a means of someday allowing him to become self supporting while doing something that brings him joy, rather than becoming another statistic of an unemployable person with mental illness.



Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

I did.

I just didn’t know it.


We kind of fell into it.

If you do, then you need to keep up with Sarah Cook and Raising CEO Kids. She is full of good tips, information and ideas.ceokids

The following interview of my Zack, creator of Good Boy Roy,was posted on her site and we are sharing it again for our new followers.

Spotlight on CEO Kid: Zack Hix of Good Boy Roy

By on January 13, 2011in CEO Kids in Spotlight, The Feature
Sarah:  Please tell me how you got started (your STORY) and where CEO Kids  and parents can find out more info about you.
Zack: I have always loved to draw and make  characters. Mom decided to surpirse me and had one of my characters put  on a shirt for me, I wore it and people liked it and wanted to know  where I got my shirt. When I told them it was my design they thought it  was cool. So we started talking, had the idea to put more of my  characters on shirts and see what happened, so there is a whole gang on  the shirts now.
People can find me on u can find me on Facebook, Twitter and our website:
Sarah:  When did you start thinking about starting your own  business and becoming an entrepreneur and why did you want to start?
Zack: I really did not think about  starting a business, it just kind of happened. I wanted to do this to  see if it went anywhere, to see what what we could make of Good Boy Roy.  My goal is for Good Boy Roy is to become a tv series one day.
Sarah:  Where did you  come up with your idea and what investigation did you do to help you  know that this would be a great business?
Zack: I just think of all the characters in my head, I always make new  characters and draw them. It’s something I have always done.
Sarah:  What do  you think are the most important skills you have that help you in  business?
Zack: You definitely need creativity and a good imagination.
Sarah:  What were  the biggest obstacles, problems you had in getting started in business?
Zach: Getting people to know who Good Boy Roy is and having them believe that I actually draw and  create all the characters.

Sarah:  How old were you when you started  and how old are you now?  How does your age affect your business  success?

Zack: I was 14, we started in January of 2010, I am now 15.

Sarah:  What about  college?  Are you planning on going?

Zack: I want to pursue a career in  cartooning, to help me in the business. I would like to go to a college  to help me learn more about drawing and cartooning. I hope Good Boy Roy  will be my business and be a huge success, but if for some reason it is not I  would like to get a job with Cartoon Network on Nickelodeon.
Sarah:  What kind of  expenses or start-up costs did you have when you started your business  and where did you find the money or capital to start? 
Zack: Most of the  expeses are to have the shirts printed, my parents are the bank and fund  the business since I am a minor.


Sarah:  What have been the best surprises that you  found in starting your business?


Zack: I love that people love my designs, they think  they are cool and neat that a kid draws them.  I love seeing my  characters in color on t-shirts and people wearing them, they come to  life from the paper to the shirt andits cool.


Sarah:  What ideas  and approaches do you use to market your business and what do you find  works best for you in getting the word out about who you are and what  you are doing?


Zack: Our website (launching new one in Dec 20112) My mom does a lot on Twitter and  some on Facebook.  We do some festivals and craft Bazaars, and I wear my  shirts to school. People see them and ask to buy them that way too.


Sarah:  How do you balance it all?  Do you find that you still have time to be  a kid?


Zack: Yes, its easy for me. The drawing is not work, but can be  frustrating for me sometimes, espeically when I cant get a picture the  way I want it. I have plenty of time to hang out with my friends and do  stuff with my Church like I enjoy doing.


Sarah:  What is the  best advice or tips you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?


Zack: If  you work hard enough then your dreams can come true. Keep faith, hope  and believe in yourself.
PS. Zack just completed illustrations for his first Children’s book, being published by L’Edge Publishing, titled A World Without Circles, out in December 2012.


In case you missed it… Boy Wonder

By Heidi Coryell Williams
SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

Hillcrest High School junior Zack Hix, creator of Good Boy Roy, draws on real-life inspiration

In his Simpsonville art studio, also known as the kitchen table, 16-year-old Zack Hix sits among stacks of well-worn sketch diaries, which his mother buys from Walmart. He seems subdued and focused, even though he is running a little late today—the baseball coach had a meeting after school. He is trying out for the team.

This is Zack’s life of late—juggling school and home life and a dynamic graphic design business, which includes stocking a Web store full of merchandise bearing his catchy gang of cartoon characters and their animated, adolescent expressions—from “Rock on Dude” to “Must Have Ice Cream.”

Web sales aren’t great, says Kim, his mother and Chief “Everything” Officer of Zack’s design company, Good Boy Roy. The good news is, his work has recently taken him in a new direction: creating custom designs. In the past few months, he’s drawn logos for a Zumba teacher in Oklahoma, a marching band in Chicago, and a beauty salon (Salon Beverly)  in Greer. (Check out the Custom Design Page)

Custom design for Salon Beverly

If Zack’s accomplishments seem to belie his age, the adversity he has endured downright defies it. “Nobody can have it worse than anybody else. It’s just a matter of how you look at it,” Zack says, slightly monotone, eyes diverted—as they often are—his hand firmly tapping the seat of his wooden chair.

In a few years, folks will likely chalk up his mannerisms to artistic eccentricities. But the tapping, knocking, and pacing actually stem from various impulse control disorders, including Tourette’s Syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity.

The truth is, the happy, vibrant characters that Zack creates are more like alter egos. He is content for now, but with little warning he could fly into a screaming rage or an anxious, tearful fit that might last for hours.

Zack’s differences have made him a target for bullying. But drawing has always offered an opportunity for escape and reconciliation, especially following some of his more violent outbursts. He often told his family, “I really am a good boy,” after an episode had ended, and the name Good Boy Roy was born.

About two years ago, Kim surprised Zack by putting one of the characters, Good Boy Roy, on a T-shirt. The gratification he got—not only seeing one of his sketches brought to life, but also from folks who saw and admired his work—turned out to be the beginning of the most healing season in his adolescence. At times, perfecting his drawings becomes something to obsess over, but mostly it’s an outlet for his anxiety. “It’s just helped me to cope sometimes,” Zack offers simply.

Zman is in the house

Good morning from a sunny South Carolina

Continuing on our introduction of the Good Boy Roy Gang members, next on the list is

Zman  Zman  Zman Zman

Yes, Zman, or Zack’s nickname. Obviously Zman is his own caricature for himself. Best described by Zack in his words here:

“he is the other stud, the sports dude, the sports fanatic and also gets the
girls. Zman is Good Boy Roy’s BEST friend. Zman is funny, smooth talker, and all around good guy. His specialty sport is baseball, he is a baseball STAR.”

Kind of cute wouldn’t you say??

Zack, my Zack, does enjoy his sports, watching and playing. That boy loves his Georgia Bulldogs. Gooooo DAWGS.

Decisions Decisions

This design he calls “Decisions, Decisions”, appropriate I think. Remember, ALL of these characters and designs are on various t-shirts you can find on the website. As well as a full line of inspirational Note Cards, each has an inspirational message on the back, you can see here.

Leaving you with a quick shout out from Zman himself and wishing you a blessed day. Here, here, click here 🙂

Remember, try to do

1 Random act of kindness today for a stranger.

It feels oh so good.

Meet the Gang

We thought it was time for our friends and fans to meet the Good Boy Roy Gang, the cast of characters that make up the line of Good Boy Roy. All of these characters were created by Zack, who is 17 and the creator of everything you see on the website.

When you here the word Gang, most people automatically have a negative, frightening vision. That is NOT the case with the Good Boy Roy Gang. These are fun, good kids, characters, that each have their own personality, imagined by Zack.

Over the next few days we will feature each Gang member along with a description, in Zack’s words of who they really are and what his inspiration was when drawing them.

First up, of course would have to be Roy, the first character brought to life and the #Instigator of this whole world that is Good Boy Roy. But first here is a quick YouTube vid from Zack.

 I now have the great pleasure of introducing you to Roy.

Roy, or Good Boy Roy

“is the original guy, the ring leader of the whole gang. He is a good boy, but does some things that kids may do, mischievous or getting into trouble not knowing they are getting into trouble. Or just everyday things kids do growing up that seem to get off course. He is a good boy in his heart, he is funny, like me, he is my alter ego, kind of. Good Boy Roy will do things every now and then as he goes through life and I will bring them to life and color on some shirts. Like the other day I , (I mean Good Boy Roy), was cutting the grass, I’m not so good at it, and ran over moms flowers. So we thought that would be a funny design, I drew it, now just waiting to print it on a shirt.”

The first design is Roy holding a cat by the tail. Now, some people see that and get angry, but they miss the humor and meaning of the drawing. Roy is not trying to be mean to the cat, he is trying to hold it and love it, in doing so he grabs the cat by the tail. Now how many times have you seen a kid do that???

Next was Roy loving , playing with his sister, and ummmmm, not in a great way.

So, that is just a brief peek into the history of the Gang. Join us tomorrow when I continue Roy’s story and his adventures. That boy is always up to something.

2012 Update.Call to Action for Mental Illness

SC Living Magazine

Out today, SC Living Magazine with feature on Good Boy Roy aka Zack. We are so blessed to have had so many people support Zack’s dream, encourage and promote his line. We thank you all !!!

Dont forget to get yours, shirt, cinch sack or note cards from Good Boy Roy, use the coupon code on the home page “joy” for 20% off.