Happy Haunting

 Happy Haunting  

Get yours now. We will print a one time run of these fun Halloween designs using special Glow ink from AllureGlow.

Pre-order your Good Boy Roy Special Halloween shirts now. One time printing, with special Glow in the Dark ink for the Orange, Black (glows green) and Grey (glows Aqua) they are soooo cool !!! The back is in Glow ink as well. $18.99. Send in your color and size request.

Happy Haunting.



Lucki Gurlz Rockin their Good Boy Roy shirts

Just posting a quick shout out and thank you to the amazing Lucki Gurlz.

The Lucki Gurlz are a high energy all girl performing group (obviously)

They sent us this fun picture of them all in their new Good Boy Roy t-shirts that they will be wearing while performing in May at the NY Presbyterian Children’s Hospital next month. It’s going to be in their Winter Gardens, and simulcast throughout the entire children’s ward.

Lucki Gurl


We know they will put smiles on all the kids faces !

Rock on girls

Rock on

Check out @Lucki_Bree @Lucki_Kay @Lucki_Sam @Lucki_Starr @Lucki_Zan and follow them on Twitter too.

Shout out from Zman, whats happening

This is Zack…Good Boy Roy.  Just letting you all know what is happening around here.

Today we went to Art on the Trail in Travelers Rest. It was a lot of artisans set up selling the things the make. Mom and I went for a little bit to make a showing for Good Boy Roy. It was ok, not a whole lot of people, but the weather was good and I got to meet some nice people. One couple stopped by to talk to me, they had heard about me and the business, they have a grandson with Autism. They talked to mom and I for a while. It’s nice to meet people especially when they tell me that I am an inspiration, that’s always nice. I get a lot of encouragement from people.

I finally finished the illustrations for the Children’s book, A World without Circles. It was a fun thing to do, and good pay too 🙂 The book should be out in November, that is what the Publisher said. Here is just one of the illustrations.

I also finished a custom shirt design for the Greenville Road Warriors, they gave me certain things to include like recycling, exercise, reading…and this is what I came up with. It was for a contest they did for kids.

The next thing I finished was a design for a 4k that is coming up called Colors 4 Hope, they call it a color run because the runners where white t-shirts, and as they run during the course people throw colored stuff on them. I think they said it is corn starch dyed different colors. So by the end of the run your shirt has all kinds of color on it. It is put on by Mental Health America. I think this is my favorite drawing of mine in a long time.

So I have been busy, but that’s good. Dont forget about us at Christmas time for shippong. Sign up for the newsletter for discounts and stuff. By Zman

Marvelous Manic Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday.

I woke up and thought we would do a Giveaway today.

So, this one is pretty easy. This week we will giveaway one of the original, now retired, Good Boy Roy Designs. Starting today and ending Friday September 28th. Don’t fret,because if you don’t win, you can buy one of your own for only $10 from the Sales page of the Good Boy Roy website.


  1. Go to the T-shirt page come back and tell us which design is your favorite and why.
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Extra points:

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Good Luck !!!

Meet Zman

To continue the introductions of the Good Boy Roy gang, please meet


Again, in Zacks words:


he is the other stud, the sports dude, the sports fanatic and also gets the girls. Zman is Good Boy Roy’s BEST friend. Zman is funny, smooth talker, and all around good guy. His specialty sport is baseball, he is a baseball STAR.

Zman is a nickname we began calling Zack when he was just a baby, and it stuck. So, it is appropriate he create a character for, who else, HIM 🙂

Zman is Zman, here modeling in his ever so unique style.

After creating the original Zman character, he went on to create the Sports version, we call “Decisions, Decisions“, for obvious reasons.

Since it’s Friday, and we all need a laugh, enjoy Zman, my boy, Gettin his Groove on:


Watch “Hi from Good Boy Roy” on YouTube

Handsome Hen. I make this look Good.

Good Monday to you. Off to a good start here. No kids screaming as they went off to school. Zack aka The Real Good Boy Roy woke up in a bit of a yuk mood, lack of sleep. No calls yet so hoping all is going well over there at Hillcrest High Scool.

It is my great pleasure to share Handsome Hen with you today. Hen, short for Henry of course.  And Henry is my brother, so this character was named after him. As Zack likes to point out to people when they ask, no, the real Hen does not have siz pack abs like the character. 🙂





Here I am with my brother, the ever fun, ever polular Henry, or Hen as we call him. At the Carolina Cup one year.

Here, again, in Zack’s words is his description of who this character Handsome Hen is.

Handsome Hen is kind of like the jock, bodybuilder and the stud of the group. He was named after my Uncle Henry. He gets the girls. He’s the cool, fashionable guy. I have some designs of him in different, cool outfits.”

He has had a face lift, but not yet come to life on a shirt. That is in the works.



When Zack was a toddler he loved to impersonate people on tv. Always the imaginative kid, alwasy dressing up and playing super  hero and such. Well, one of his favorite movies was Men in Black with Wil Smith. In that movie Wil Smith’s character puts on a pair of sunshades and says “I make this look good”. So, of course, little Zack did the same thing, all the time, it was a RIOT !! I tell you hysterical. So, when creating this character he wanted to make this the phrase Handsome Hen says. Makes sense to me.

Enjoy this quick TV interview  from Scene on 7, with Zack sharing his story.