Lucki Gurlz and Bomb Digz Shout out for Good Boy Roy

We have been so blessed by some amazing support from all over. The latest comes in the form of this up and coming Performing Group, The Lucki Gurlz !!! along with the Bomb Digz. Thanks for sending this great Shout out and support for Good Boy Roy brand and helping to follow a dream.

Check it out here >>>>   Lucki Gurlz and Bomb Digz

See them here on You Tube



Lucki Gurlz Rockin their Good Boy Roy shirts

Just posting a quick shout out and thank you to the amazing Lucki Gurlz.

The Lucki Gurlz are a high energy all girl performing group (obviously)

They sent us this fun picture of them all in their new Good Boy Roy t-shirts that they will be wearing while performing in May at the NY Presbyterian Children’s Hospital next month. It’s going to be in their Winter Gardens, and simulcast throughout the entire children’s ward.

Lucki Gurl


We know they will put smiles on all the kids faces !

Rock on girls

Rock on

Check out @Lucki_Bree @Lucki_Kay @Lucki_Sam @Lucki_Starr @Lucki_Zan and follow them on Twitter too.

Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you have a Kidpreneur destined to be an Entrepreneur?

I did.

I just didn’t know it.


We kind of fell into it.

If you do, then you need to keep up with Sarah Cook and Raising CEO Kids. She is full of good tips, information and ideas.ceokids

The following interview of my Zack, creator of Good Boy Roy,was posted on her site and we are sharing it again for our new followers.

Spotlight on CEO Kid: Zack Hix of Good Boy Roy

By on January 13, 2011in CEO Kids in Spotlight, The Feature
Sarah:  Please tell me how you got started (your STORY) and where CEO Kids  and parents can find out more info about you.
Zack: I have always loved to draw and make  characters. Mom decided to surpirse me and had one of my characters put  on a shirt for me, I wore it and people liked it and wanted to know  where I got my shirt. When I told them it was my design they thought it  was cool. So we started talking, had the idea to put more of my  characters on shirts and see what happened, so there is a whole gang on  the shirts now.
People can find me on u can find me on Facebook, Twitter and our website:
Sarah:  When did you start thinking about starting your own  business and becoming an entrepreneur and why did you want to start?
Zack: I really did not think about  starting a business, it just kind of happened. I wanted to do this to  see if it went anywhere, to see what what we could make of Good Boy Roy.  My goal is for Good Boy Roy is to become a tv series one day.
Sarah:  Where did you  come up with your idea and what investigation did you do to help you  know that this would be a great business?
Zack: I just think of all the characters in my head, I always make new  characters and draw them. It’s something I have always done.
Sarah:  What do  you think are the most important skills you have that help you in  business?
Zack: You definitely need creativity and a good imagination.
Sarah:  What were  the biggest obstacles, problems you had in getting started in business?
Zach: Getting people to know who Good Boy Roy is and having them believe that I actually draw and  create all the characters.

Sarah:  How old were you when you started  and how old are you now?  How does your age affect your business  success?

Zack: I was 14, we started in January of 2010, I am now 15.

Sarah:  What about  college?  Are you planning on going?

Zack: I want to pursue a career in  cartooning, to help me in the business. I would like to go to a college  to help me learn more about drawing and cartooning. I hope Good Boy Roy  will be my business and be a huge success, but if for some reason it is not I  would like to get a job with Cartoon Network on Nickelodeon.
Sarah:  What kind of  expenses or start-up costs did you have when you started your business  and where did you find the money or capital to start? 
Zack: Most of the  expeses are to have the shirts printed, my parents are the bank and fund  the business since I am a minor.


Sarah:  What have been the best surprises that you  found in starting your business?


Zack: I love that people love my designs, they think  they are cool and neat that a kid draws them.  I love seeing my  characters in color on t-shirts and people wearing them, they come to  life from the paper to the shirt andits cool.


Sarah:  What ideas  and approaches do you use to market your business and what do you find  works best for you in getting the word out about who you are and what  you are doing?


Zack: Our website (launching new one in Dec 20112) My mom does a lot on Twitter and  some on Facebook.  We do some festivals and craft Bazaars, and I wear my  shirts to school. People see them and ask to buy them that way too.


Sarah:  How do you balance it all?  Do you find that you still have time to be  a kid?


Zack: Yes, its easy for me. The drawing is not work, but can be  frustrating for me sometimes, espeically when I cant get a picture the  way I want it. I have plenty of time to hang out with my friends and do  stuff with my Church like I enjoy doing.


Sarah:  What is the  best advice or tips you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?


Zack: If  you work hard enough then your dreams can come true. Keep faith, hope  and believe in yourself.
PS. Zack just completed illustrations for his first Children’s book, being published by L’Edge Publishing, titled A World Without Circles, out in December 2012.


Marvelous Manic Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday.

I woke up and thought we would do a Giveaway today.

So, this one is pretty easy. This week we will giveaway one of the original, now retired, Good Boy Roy Designs. Starting today and ending Friday September 28th. Don’t fret,because if you don’t win, you can buy one of your own for only $10 from the Sales page of the Good Boy Roy website.


  1. Go to the T-shirt page come back and tell us which design is your favorite and why.
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Extra points:

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Good Luck !!!

We are blessed

We at Good Boy Roy  have been so fortunate, and blessed to have had so many people find us, help us and encourage us. When we began this journey about 2 years ago the thought of encountering the kindness of so many strangers did not even occur to us.

The most recentTwitter Angel” to follow #TeamGoodBoyRoy  is Geek Shirts who asked to interview Zack for a post on their website . I love how the author conducted the interview and focused on Zack’s dreams and goals. We have so many hopes for this business and the kindness and support of so many people are helping us to reach those dreams and goals.


The future for Good Boy Roy is certainly Uncertain. Each day brings new opportunities, decisions to make and challenges. This has been a fun journey and great learning experience for Zack and I. For now, we continue to plug along with hopeful hearts and giving thanks to all those along the way who have helped and believe in the Good Boy Roy mission.

Zack aka Good Boy Roy goes to the Prom

Furman University Library (James B. Duke Libra...

Furman University Library (James B. Duke Library) and fountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is certainly unimaginable to me that my boy is headed off to the Prom !! OMG. Where did the time go?

Zack is 17, and this is his first date. He is so totally unworldly, and very much the innocent and naive boy. He has been so very excited about this day, he was dressed and ready to go by 4:30….we were not leaving the house until 5:30 🙂

We have tried prep Zack for this day since he has never taken a girl out to eat, on how to order, Wipe his mouth !! he often forgets, table manners and the like. The process of practicing how to leave a tip and how to figure out how much tip has been the topic of much discussion lately.

The plan is this: My husband will be the chauffeur, (since Zack is still very new at driving), I will follow in another car to pick up his “date” so that we can all take pictures. My husband will then drive them to the restaurant of their choice for reservations at 7pm, where he will drop them off and go elsewhere while they eat.

This went off without a hitch ! Thank goodness.

Next, onto the Prom, at Furman University. My husband dropped them off, then proceeded to find a good parking space, and SLEEP !! yep, sleep. He had just driven in from Georgia, was tired, so took this opportunity of peace and quiet, no dogs barking to interfere. I am so jealous of how easily he can sleep, anywhere, anytime.  The guy is lights out as soon as his head hits a pillow, while I toss, turn, think, re-think, plan and the like.


Prom was over at 11:00, time to get home. Zack reported it was all awesome. What a wonderful way to describe your very first date and Prom. Just one of many firsts for my little/big man.

Never Give Up