Just Sayin :)

Just sayin…this is theHeinz 57 page.

It has a little bit of everything. 🙂

Just a  few of the very kind reviews and posts about Good Boy Roy 🙂

Business to Community:

Good Boy Roy Finding Inspiration

From our new found friend Mr. George Ford, creator
AddanaCity comics

Good Boy  Roy on AddanaCity Comics

Mr. George Ford creator Addanac City comics

We had the  pleasure of meeting him on our trip to Hollywood.

Here we are on Hollywood Blvd

October 2011 feature in TOWN Magazine 

South Carolina Living  Magazine feature.

And from one of our BIGGEST supporters, Mrs. Katie  Campbell of KT

Talks Carolina:

I Finally Met the ZMan

From Sarah Cook of  Raising CEO Kids: Spotlight on CEO Kid: Zack Hix of Good Boy Roy

ORCA Communications:  Best Products Media Guide

Dawn Spreese of MommyPR   http://www.mommypr.com/

Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy

That”s IT ! Mommy



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